About Us


PAKSHAL STEEL is an eminent exporter and supplier of Titanium products like titanium bars, Titanium Sheets & Plates in the steel market industry worldwide. Our technicians make steps towards recuperating the assertion of offering standard quality materials. We dedicate ourselves to provide titanium round bars, titanium wire, titanium sheets and titanium plates of in orders for Titanium Grade 1,2,4,5,7,9,12, but carry a variety of materials rivalled only by the largest metals service centers.

Every member of our PAKSHAL STEEL is very much dedicated to serve our clients at the appointed time in a very chivalrously and efficient manner. We time and again deliver made to orders in a speed mode along with your precise specifications.

We are breaking the new ground in bringing to the market a striking metal variety in the course of the online retail stand. We are entirely devoted to lessening the procedure of purchasing striking titanium products. It is our attempt to make our online shop a high-quality supplier for small amount of these products to meet market requirements, where you do not any longer have to pay money for full length bar or sheets or least amount order quantities as demanded by full service stockists or other retailers. In addition, as we have grown, our sophistication in packaging and shipping the products has also grown well.

PAKSHAL STEEL offer a whole procession of commercially pure and 6AL-4V titanium bars, sheets and plates, which includes round, square and rectangular bars that further varies from 1/4" in diameter up to 16" diameter. These bars, sheets and plates are available to different business-related industries, and we can also deliver DOMESTIC/DFAR material by means of full mill test reports for an absolute traceability. We also make it quite easy to locate and purchase the titanium products that our clients need for their respective projects. Meanwhile, we as well have no minimum order requirements, so no matter if you need a major shipment or a single round bar, we can offer you the materials as per your requirements. PAKSHAL STEEL delivers what assures: expertly, promptly and to your correct specification requirements. We thank you and welcome you for the prospect to show ourselves to you!