Titanium Grade 1 Sheets, Plates & Shim Sheets – All You Need to Know

Stack of titanium sheets

Commercially Pure Titanium Grade 1 is one of the softest and most ductile grades exhibiting the greatest formability. Titanium Grade 1 has outstanding resistance to corrosion property, superior weldability and is used in a wide variety of applications. Titanium Grade 1 Sheets is mainly used in marine and chemical industries where the parts are subjected to very harsh environments. Titanium Grade 1 Shim Sheets is also used for fabricating anodes for cathodic protection applications.

Titanium Grade 1 Sheets feature an excellent strength-to-density ratio and good corrosion resistance. This enables Titanium Gr 1 Sheets ideal for the manufacturing of components in weight-saving systems with decreased mass forces, as well as for products with good corrosion resistance. In fact, thermal stress in titanium Plates is less than in other metallic materials owing to the low thermal expansion of titanium. Titanium Plates are often commonly used in the medical sector owing to their excellent biocompatibility.

The mechanical properties of titanium are strongly influenced by oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen and iron. They increase material hardness, tensile strength and yield stress while at the same time reducing elongation. In fact, hydrogen causes embrittlement that keeps its amount as small as possible. Titanium Grade 1 Plates comprises the lowest amounts of oxygen, hydrogen and carbon, providing the most formable grade of the four commercially available ASTM grades of commercially pure titanium.

Titanium Grade 1 Plate can be used where maximum formability is needed, such as in dome loudspeaker, bursting disks and plate heat exchangers. Titanium Grade 1 Sheets have outstanding cold deformability, allowing the production of very thin strips of approximately 5 microns. It demonstrates excellent corrosion resistance in highly oxidizing to mildly reducing environments, including chloride. This has good impact characteristics at low temperatures. In addition, Titanium Grade 1 Plates can be easily welded, machined, cold worked and hot worked and are non-magnetic in nature.

Applications of Titanium Grade 1 Sheets, Plates, & Shim Sheets:

  • Bellows
  • aircraft structures, aircraft skin
  • gaskets
  • heat exchanger parts
  • deep drawing applications
  • implantable battery cases/shields for CRM and Neurostimulation devices
  • implantable battery cathodes/connectors
  • stamped or etched fabrications
  • Dome loudspeaker
  • bursting discs,
  • medical devices,
  • plate type heat exchangers
  • detector windows, Windows for electron beam.