Titanium Grades Overview: Properties and Applications

plain titanium sheet

The Titanium grades are frequently encountered in the steel industry. The following are the grades, benefits, properties, and industry applications of the titanium material.

Titanium Grade 1

This is one of the most ductile grades which possess the greatest formability. This grade material is primarily used in the marine and chemical industries where very harsh conditions are exposed to the components.

For all these qualities, for any application where ease of formability is needed, Grade 1 is chosen and is widely available as titanium plate and tubing. These include Architecture, Automotive Desalination, Medical, Marine, Refining & Chlorate Making, and Dimensional Stable Anodes.

Titanium Grade 2

Titanium Grade 2 has a lower density where weight can be a concern, making it very attractive. Two main markets for titanium alloys are medical and aerospace. Titanium Grade 2’s strength and corrosion resistance properties also make it well suited for applications in the marine, chemical processing and desalination sectors. For several fields of use, this makes the Grade 2 titanium bar and sheet the prime choice Aerospace, Automotive, Chemical Processing & Chlorate Manufacturing, Desalination, Architecture, Hydro Carbon Processing, Marine, Medical, and Power Generation.

Titanium Grade 3

Titanium Grade 3 is stronger than the other two grades 1 and 2. It is used in aerospace and industrial applications with moderate strength requirements. Titanium grade 3 has outstanding resistance to corrosion. These include Aerospace, Architecture, Automobile, Development of Chemical Processing & Chlorate, Desalination, Processing of Hydro Carbon, Marine, Medical, and Power Generation.

Titanium Grade 4

The highest of the four grades of commercially pure titanium is known as Titanium Grade 4. Grade 4 has recently discovered a niche as a medical grade titanium, although it is usually used in the following industrial applications. It is necessary in applications where high strength is needed Aerospace, Chemical Processes, Maritime, Commercial, and Medical.

 Titanium Grade 5

This is the most commercially available grade of all titanium grades. This provides an outstanding mix of high strength and durability. Titanium Grade 5 has good features for manufacturing and welding.